RIA Courses for Java Geeks

Experienced Java developers / architects are required in large numbers to adopt RIA platform ( also refered as flash platform ) offered by Adobe. If you are an expert java professional you are the best candidate to take a deep dive into flash platform and help organizations build next generation web applications that will give outstanding user experience to the end customers.

Don’t get put off by ‘flash’ , you are not expected to know anything about design or animation to adopt flash platform. You will be working on an IDE based on Eclipse which will make you feel at home also there is a plugin available for Eclipse itself to support flex application development.
If you are still thinking on wether to give it a shot or not , let me give you one last but most important reason to take the jump, guys, there is more money in it. Make hay while sun shines.

Got you ! So now the next question on your mind is how do I start ? Well, I have already given you enough of free advice , so if you are of type who believes in everything free, you would be googling on flex already 🙂 As an alternative to save you from the guilt of making loads of money from my advice without sharing a pie with me , you can choose to do our 5 day course on Flex 3. It will give you the perfect head-start to take a deep dive into the world of flash platform. Also you will get all possible help from Tekno Point in getting connected with the right RIA companies.

If you are a Sun Certified expert , we will give you some discount too , though there is a small condition to it , if you choose to change your job after doing the course , you will first consider joining the RIA consulting team at Tekno Point Multimedia 🙂

For more information on why you should switch to RIA or to know more about our courses please mail us on ria@teknopoint.info


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