Why Adobe Flex – A developers perspective


Due to lack of knowledge about RIA’s there is a common concern of most fresh pass-outs and Engg. Student. I am trying to address the most common question I face:”Why Should I start my career with Adobe Flex?”

Apart from it being the hottest technology around I think the following 2 points sum up my argument 

Keeping it short and simple: I think there are 2 distinct reasons why a fresh graduate should pick up a technology like Flex over Java or .Net or any other legacy technologies.
1. The world is moving towards Rich UI and everyone wants to make it simple.  A lot of efforts are being put on the way user interacts with the system than say around 5 years ago for a simple fact that you want a lot more users to be able to use the system without having to be technically trained on the same. With this changing trend the newer generation developer has to be well versed so as to start their career from a higher point.
2. The amount of competition that a technology like Java/.Net brings up is tremendous. It will take too much time and effort to move up the ladder because of no. of available resources and the experience levels.  Whereas, a technology like Flex which is fairly newer gives a fair chance to a B.E. who is about to start his career along with those working on other technologies for some time.
Also with this as the bend towards creating applications at a very rapid pace to gain the first movers and situation advantage is really important e.g. During world-cup people might want to create application that allows user to track progress of each team and can be hot property around that time. However, once the world cup is over the same app is of little or no use at all. Thus the concept of rapid development. Flex has a suite of components which, if used correctly can really quicken the rate at which applications are created.
Overall I think, If I had to start my career I would rather start it with an RIA technology than any other.



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