Rich Internet Application


What is a Rich Internet Application?
By definition, an RIA is an application with richness of a desktop based application (like drag-drop, rich UI) and reach of an Internet web site.

This article is to answer a few basic queries that one has about RIA.
RIA journey started long back with Flash. But, since flash was always viewed as a designer’s tool(to which I do not agree at all), exploration of the term was to its minimum. But with technologies like (Adobe)Flex, (Microsoft)Silverlight coming in, things have changed.

RIA is basically the ‘magic at the front-end’. Rich and intutive applications are the need of the hour. Usability has become one of the most important features in todays application creation domain.

The process of creating a Rich Internet Application can be roughly broken down into the following steps(though these are not concrete rules):
1) Creating a user-journey – The flow of the application
2) Creating a user experience – The look and feel of the application
3) Creating the interface – Implementation of the features

RIA is a concept and not bound by a technology. One can opt any of the available options from Ajax to Silverlight.


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