User centered design – the new way of life at Tekno Point Multimedia


As an entrepreneur , I always strive to sow seeds well in advance to reap benefits in future. For e.g. in training division we upgrade to topics before they become popular in the mainstream , this helps not only our students but also our DnD and consulting division to leverage the before time preparedness to handle customer requirements.  Last 7 years of our existence we have spent our time in helping others adopt flash platform either as a skill or as a solution.  In 2008, we chose to take the bold step of trying to build our own product. Suddenly we were in a situation which we were not used to , no input from clients , no one to tell us what is required , no one to take feedback from and worse, no one to blame to.

It was really annoying as I  was unable to define my requirements clearly to my team and perhaps equally annoying for my team to get a different brief every time we met over this issue.  

I had no clue how to solve the problem we were going through.  But as the saying goes ‘ If you really want something , the entire world conspires to give it to you‘ . I got my solution in a course being offered by Atul Joshi of Design Incubator. Not only the course , even the schedule was conspired to suit my needs, it was over the weekends. So there I was in his class where I came across for the first time to  the world of User Centered Design. The last lap of my training is still pending , however , UCD is on its way to become a new way of life at Tekno Point Multimedia. I am encouraging all my team members to take a deep dive into UCD and have filled the library with books on UCD, usability , user experience, information architecture etc. It is an absolutely different kind of upgrade that we are going through , but I am sure that our DNA of constantly upgrading ourselves will help us in adapting UCD as a process in Tekno Point Multimedia. It is a huge paradigm shift for all of us and I am ready to wait as long as it takes to make UCD a second nature. 

Yes, It will grossly delay our timelines of coming out with our own product.  But I think its worth all the delay , someone once told me ‘ There is always a room for a better mouse trap‘ .


Himanshu Mody
Founder and CEO. 


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