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We have pledged 5 100% Scholarships to a NGO

July 9, 2008

Following is the information related to the scholarship we are providing via Education Times and United way, a NGO. Please get in touch with them to apply for scholarship of our ‘Web and Graphic Designing with Specialization in Flash ‘course.

Education Times, the thinking, youth-centric supplement of the Times Group at the completion of its 13 years of service in the Education sector aspires to build a deeper connect with its young readers. With is motto of “The Future, Now” Education Times this year wishes to launch a project which would touch the lives of its readers and the student community at large in a more meaningful manner.

We plan to initiate a scholarship drive to reach out to the students, who possess the flair, capability and aptitude but lose out on account of lack of financial resources.The process of shortlisting the candidates would be undertaken by United Way.

About United Way
United Way of Mumbai was established in 2002 on the initiative of Mr. David Good Ex-US Consul General India and with the support of American International Group, Citibank India, Ernst & Young, India, Hunt Partners, Jasubhai Group, J M Morgan Stanley Securities, Mahindra & Mahindra, Morgan Stanley New York, Principal Asset Management and Sony Television.

Role of the NGO

  • Procuring a pool of applicants for the scholarships
  • Identification of the right candidate for the Screening the applicants profile in terms of Family background, income status, and other relevant information.
  • Administer aptitude tests (if required) incase a requirement of certain skills prior to awarding the scholarship

Contact Information


User centered design – the new way of life at Tekno Point Multimedia

July 2, 2008

As an entrepreneur , I always strive to sow seeds well in advance to reap benefits in future. For e.g. in training division we upgrade to topics before they become popular in the mainstream , this helps not only our students but also our DnD and consulting division to leverage the before time preparedness to handle customer requirements.  Last 7 years of our existence we have spent our time in helping others adopt flash platform either as a skill or as a solution.  In 2008, we chose to take the bold step of trying to build our own product. Suddenly we were in a situation which we were not used to , no input from clients , no one to tell us what is required , no one to take feedback from and worse, no one to blame to.

It was really annoying as I  was unable to define my requirements clearly to my team and perhaps equally annoying for my team to get a different brief every time we met over this issue.  

I had no clue how to solve the problem we were going through.  But as the saying goes ‘ If you really want something , the entire world conspires to give it to you‘ . I got my solution in a course being offered by Atul Joshi of Design Incubator. Not only the course , even the schedule was conspired to suit my needs, it was over the weekends. So there I was in his class where I came across for the first time to  the world of User Centered Design. The last lap of my training is still pending , however , UCD is on its way to become a new way of life at Tekno Point Multimedia. I am encouraging all my team members to take a deep dive into UCD and have filled the library with books on UCD, usability , user experience, information architecture etc. It is an absolutely different kind of upgrade that we are going through , but I am sure that our DNA of constantly upgrading ourselves will help us in adapting UCD as a process in Tekno Point Multimedia. It is a huge paradigm shift for all of us and I am ready to wait as long as it takes to make UCD a second nature. 

Yes, It will grossly delay our timelines of coming out with our own product.  But I think its worth all the delay , someone once told me ‘ There is always a room for a better mouse trap‘ .


Himanshu Mody
Founder and CEO. 

Seminar on Web 2.0: Design Guidelines

July 1, 2008

Web 2.0 is the most happening buzz among everyone in the community of internet enthusiasts. In our course for beginners , we have many students who have either not heard about it or have just heard about it but dont know what it means to them. The design team at Tekno point multimedia decided to share some insight with students. After discussing over what is the best way to present the idea , we boiled down to the idea of sharing design guidelines related to web 2.0 , rather then showing them all the web 2.0 websites and leaving them overwhelmed.

It was our first attempt and the response was terrific, all the students responded well to the idea and we had a full house for the session, in fact we had more registrations then what our lab could accommodate .

Design Guidelines The session was for 4 hours , I am sure even this was not enough but we had to limit it to 4 hours considering various logistical issues.

We took a detailed feedback from the students on the seminar as we wanted to know where we can improve. The feedback we received was amazing. We clearly saw that students wanted us to do this more regularly, some of them wanted more duration, a lot of them found it to be very systematic and everyone picked up at least 2 things that will help them to perform their work in a better way after the seminar. The average ratings of the seminar across participants was 4.6 on 5.

Seeing such a tremendous interest from the students , we have decided to conduct similar sessions with students on topics related to their course however out of the scope of the training curriculum at regular intervals. We are doing another round of seminar on 26th July 2008 on Web 2.0 :Design Guidelines for the benefit of students who missed out earlier , . and also there is a seminar on Color Theory coming up from one of the faculty members.

You can find more information about our courses on our website by clicking the link  ‘web and graphic designing with specialization in flash‘ .

For any feedback or comments please feel free to write to us on

Himanshu Mody

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